Porcelain BB Glow Skin

The BB Glow is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that offers you the appearance of a glowing skin.

This procedure has duration of approximately two hours, with immediate results.

We recommend two to five sessions every fifteen days or one per month.

Without visible enlarged pores and a tone of skin more balanced and radiant, it has accumulative and visible results from the first session.

The semi-permanent BB serum is exactly what it sounds like: a layer of the BB Serum is injected on the skin to give it a base of a natural look that lasts a long time.

Our services include:
  • Facial Cleansing
  • Stayve Gel scrub
  • Stayve Neutralizing Foam
  • Meso-Serum
  • BB Glow Serum (colorless)
  • Face Mask Application
  • LED Light Therapy
  • Repairing Cream Application
  • Hidratacion instantánea
  • Neutraliza radicales libres
  • Reduce melanina en la piel
  • Restaura el tono de la piel
  • Reduce decoloración en piel
  • Reduce poros abiertos
  • Mejora la elasticidad
  • Reducir lineas de expresión
Available in clinics:
  • Macroplaza, Tijuana
  • Plaza Río, Tijuana
  • Plaza Coronado, Tijuana
  • Plaza Mare, Ensenada
  • Plaza San Lucas, Los Cabos