Hair Removal

At Perfect Skin we perform laser hair removal with state-of-the-art equipment, offering excellent results in short sessions that are performed once a month.

The number of sessions can vary according to different factors, including the thickness and pigment of the hair; an estimate could be 8 sessions, however there are cases of patients who require more or fewer sessions.

All our services are acquired per session, you only pay for the sessions necessary for you. You´re not forced to buy a package that might not be necessary.

It is important to previously attend an evaluation consultation, so that we can make sure that your hair is a candidate for the procedure.
  • Antienvejecimiento
  • Elasticidad
  • Uniformidad
  • Mejora poros abiertos
  • Producción de colágeno
Available in clinics:
  • Macroplaza, Tijuana
  • Plaza Río, Tijuana
  • Plaza Coronado, Tijuana
  • Plaza Mare, Ensenada
  • Plaza San Lucas, Los Cabos