Fractional Radiofrequency for Skin Tightening

Do you wish to reduce the wrinkles on your face without the need of surgery?

Our tightening facial treatment is based on Fractional Radiofrequency and is one of the most subtle procedures for your skin.

The Radio Frequency contributes to the stimulation and production of Collagen and Elastin, creating a tightening effect, offering a decrease in facial expression lines and facial sagginess. We recommend a weekly session, with excellent results without being invasive to your skin..

The procedure has a duration of 1 hour per session and includes the following::

• Anti-oxidant face mask application
• Nutritive serum application
• Vitaminizing cream application
• Sunscreen application

Radiofrequency can help you achieve your goals. Premature skin aging is normal due to environmental pollution, ultraviolet rays and stress, fortunately, this kind of treatment can help you reduce the damage that these can cause; additionally, it can help reduce facial expression lines and sagging. Helping to promote collagen and elastin production, achieving the skin to renew. The area of the face, jaw and neck can be treated with this option.

  • Anti-aging
  • Skin elasticity
  • Smoothness of the skin
  • Improves open pores
  • Collagen production
Available in clinics:
  • Macroplaza, Tijuana
  • Plaza Río, Tijuana
  • Plaza Coronado, Tijuana
  • Plaza Mare, Ensenada
  • Plaza San Lucas, Los Cabos