European Facial

Renew the youth of your skin through an exfoliation and a deep facial extraction, preparing your skin to receive all the necessary nutrients with a facemask exclusive for your skin.

Firstly, the skin is cleansed in order to remove makeup and any accumulation of residue on the surface of the face. We follow this with the application of a scrub to get rid of the dead skin layer and stimulate the renewal of cells. Subsequently, we use a steam machine to eliminate impurities and natural oils produced by the pores.

Next, we apply a facemask uniquely selected for your skin type. After removing it, we apply a tonic and a hydrating moisturizer to avoid excess dehydration that can take place after a deep cleanse.

A refreshed and hydrated skin is this treatment’s result. You will notice healthy luminosity and a smooth and even finish in the tone of your skin that can last days or even weeks.

  • Anti-aging
  • Skin elasticity
  • Smoothness of the skin
  • Improves open pores
  • Collagen production
Available in clinics:
  • Macroplaza, Tijuana
  • Plaza Río, Tijuana
  • Plaza Coronado, Tijuana
  • Plaza Mare, Ensenada
  • Plaza San Lucas, Los Cabos