Aqua facial

The Aqua Facial is a deep cleanse through appliances, which via a vortex, it deeply vacuums and cleans the pores by a combination of liquid scrubs. It helps remove the outer layer of dead skin, extracts impurities and nurtures the skin with a cocktail of serums, face masks, tonics, scrubs, etc.

It consists of:
• Facial cleansing
• Soft exfoliation
• Scrub solution application
• Simultaneous exfoliation and extraction with appliances
• Face mask application
• Moisturizing serum with vitamins and anti-oxidants application
• Face cream application
• Sunscreen application

Our Aqua Facial treatment is recommended for all types of skin. This treatment provides a deep cleanse and a lightweight feeling to the skin, eliminating majority of the skin imperfections. Patients will leave the clinic with a brighter, more moisturized and young looking skin. The procedure can be done in any type of skin, no matter the age. It has a duration of approximately 1 hour.

  • Anti-aging
  • Skin elasticity
  • Smoothness of the skin
  • Improves open pores
  • Collagen production
Available in clinics:
  • Macroplaza, Tijuana
  • Plaza Río, Tijuana
  • Plaza Coronado, Tijuana
  • Plaza Mare, Ensenada
  • Plaza San Lucas, Los Cabos